Sunday, 1 October 2017

Room 12 Selfie

Last Friday, we had such a surprise our way. A few of our students were awarded with certificates to appreciate all their hard work during the week. We were also shocked about not receiving just the 'On the Time' award this week but also the 'Attendance Award'. So when we came back to class, Miss Siale wanted to capture the moment because she wanted us to remember every time we were praised. She always reminded that we deserve the absolute best, whether it is in our learning or in life. 

Miss Siale's Minions :)

Friday, 15 September 2017

Bball Tournament

Our scores during the tournament:
round 1: 06-08 vs (Pammure)
round 2: 10-12 vs (St Pius)
round 3: 04-22 vs (Puru)
round 4: 04-27 vs (Glen Brae)
round 5: 06-10 vs (Pt England)
Our last game vs our pool is great. We came 1st for our pool and can't wait to vs whoever comes 1st in pool a.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Cross Country

Yesterday at glen taylor a cross country was held for the students of GT. I sadly came 7th place tied by walking the whole way, with bestfrand Anghela. Here are some photos of me and Anghela @ Cross Country.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Quick Write 4 HW


I will be invisible and fast. Why? When I play hide and seek with my friends I can easily hide by just being invisible and also when playing a sport I can pretend I’m behind them but not. How about fast? I want to be fast so that I can win cross country and also 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m, sprint in Athletics. I would be fast in lape (samoan game) so that I could get home run and also trick them where I went while being fast and invisible. 

Famous Person?


For Homework this week our Famous Person was Abraham  Lincoln. Here a google drawing I made for the Famous Person.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Quality Blog Comments w/ Mrs Grant

Last week with Mrs Grant we learnt about Quality Blog Comments. It
was very fun commenting on people blog. Can't wait for the next session.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017


Last term all the leader of Glen Taylor School, gather together and talk about "what it means to be a leader?". It was so fun and can't wait to do it again. We also had a competition of who can make the best band outta a song which was our Deputy Principal favorite song, which sadly I forgot. My group perform last and won. Maybe the saying "Save the best for last", is true 😂 . I can't wait for the next Leader Ship program.