Friday, 4 August 2017

Quick Write

My favorite place to go is home. This is my favorite place because I can see all the smiling faces of the people I most love. I can do whatever I want in my own time and chat with my friends through my devices. I could scab of my siblings and maybe steal the things I love from them.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Technology (COOKING)

 At tech we cooked our mince pie fillings. It only took us 15 - 30 minuets to cook. We finish cooking around 2:00 or 2:20  while we are just wondering for an hour. We decided to do some blog post, games & songs.        
Here a pic of the people across me and my partner. Mario trying to hide but I took the picture in the right time and Nathaniel wondering what I was doing. On the side there Juan trying to look what Ms Tupulotu nephew is doing. 
Here a pic of the people on the left of us. Paige and Callay (couldn't get Paigey in the pic :(( Some of the boys playing sirens songs while everyone yelling at them on the other side to put the volume down.
 Here a pic of my partner for cooking. Sarah-Jane <3 She was trying to hide but uh .. uhh girl.
Here a pic of the people on the left of us. Drew and Evelyn. They are very helpful to help me and Sarah with our cooking. 

Friday, 28 July 2017

Last Day Of Term 2

Last day of term 2 was beast. On the principal assembly we my class (Rm12) won the most prizes in the school. We won the attendance award which came with a trophy and both of the coin trail award. We finish the day with the biggest share lunch and a movie we watch which was .. HOLES.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Goals 4 Term 3

Goals 4 Term 3
Reaching the year 7 standard

BY learning my Basic Facts and learning the equation that i don't know
Reaching the year 7 standard

By understanding the book & answering each sentence with more than 2 sentences
Reaching the year 7 standard

Using Positive language and knowing what to write without fobbing out in my writing
Being ready before my big day

Working hard and making sure it is perfect before I present.
Learning words that I don't know

Asking my teacher if i could have a spelling test as part of my homework
In class
Contributing with people I don't usually talk or work with

Starting a friendly conversation and trying to make them laugh
Outside class
Being careful of the people around me

By making sure not to hurt them or make them cry
To try and not trace

By imaging pictures in my head and closing the chromebook in front of me :)
Be careful of the people around me

By not playing too rough and to not cheat
Acting more like a leader

By showing the values and try to motivate others when they give up
Reaching My Blue Band

By showing the positive attitude in my learning and always show the school values and 6 c’s
Table group
Talking to them more often

By asking them if they need help on their work or just start a friendly conversation

By Brooklyn alovili

Monday, 24 July 2017

Winter Holiday

I see people with smiling face’s and exciting feelings,
I smell bakery food and disgusting smell of the toilet.
I hear a voice saying “Wake Up”
I taste the flavor of the food I eat
I touch my hair when I brush through it smoothly

Winter Holiday

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Reading Activity About HOLES

On Thursday 6th July we did a class novel competition. Who ever finish with the most beautiful design book get 5000 point and also make Miss Siale Famous Tuna Pasta for share lunch. The novel we read was HOLES. Once we finally finish 50 wHOLE chapter of the book Miss Siale has given us 14 activities to do about the book. Our goal was to finish of the 50 chapter so that we can watch the movie. ( BTW I'm in OMG )